FAB Closure 47





The clean external surface gives an excellent and rich look to the closure.

The aesthetic look, both from the top as well as from the side, does not change in the sealed, the open or the closed state.

The outer cover, which is made of PP, allows the possibility to have aesthetic variations like Metallic, Grained and Textured surfaces through processes like painting, plating, etc…

The unique design of the spout and valve seat, ensures an excellent, smooth flow of the liquid from the bottle, when the bottle is tilted in any direction.

The revolutionary end shape of the spout ensures the last drop cut off, which does not allow the drool of the liquid on to the sides of the bottle.

Patent Details

A Strong Foundation

GEFIT S.p.A, Italy is accepted worldwide as one of the leading companies in developing capping solutions for all types of industries from beverage, liquor to pharmaceutical applications, having complete expertise in manufacturing moulds and cap assembly systems.

The FAB Closure for the 750 ml and the FAB Nipint Cap for nips and pints has been designed and developed by GEFIT S.p.A, Italy and has been patented the world over.

A Seal with Enhanced Tamper Evidency

As seen in Fig.1 below, the cap has an unique tamper evident feature which is invisible when in a sealed state. During the unscrewing motion, as seen in fig.2, the tamper evident bridges on the surface of the cap break off and the spout rises to the pour-out/ open position. However, when the cap is screwed back to the closed position, as seen in fig.3, the cap does not go back to its original sealed position, thus highlighting that the seal has been broken.


Excellent Resistance to Removal of the Closure

excellent-resistance-4The strong double anchorage of the cap components with the bottle, ensures separation and damage of the cap components against any attempted forced removal of the closure.

As illustrated in the pictures, any attempt to forcefully remove a closure from the bottle neck it is fitted upon, will result in visible damage of the closure, both internally as well as externally.

It will also be impossible to reassemble the closure and mount it back on the bottle.

excellent-resistance-2 excellent-resistance-1

Damage of anchorage ring

Damage of anchorage ring

Good flow & Assurance of tamper proof

Good flow

The unique design of the spout and the valve seat gives an excellent and smooth flow of the liquid from the bottle. Also the end shape of the spout ensures the last drop cut off which does not allow the drool of the liquid on to bottle sides.

Assurance of tamper proof

The closed top surface gives a reassurance to the consumer that the cap cannot be accessed from the top surface since the spout is closed from the top by the outer cover.